“reinvention”…is it real…or just a word to help sell dreams?


[ree_in_vent]verb(used with objectect)
1.To invent again or anew, especially without knowing that the invention already exists.

2.To remake or make over, as in a different form:
At 60, he reinvented himself as a volunteer. We have an opportunity to reinvent

3.To bring back revive:To reinvent trust and

Almost all of us want change… we want to be someone else…we want to live somewhere else… we want more money… nearly all of us want to be “reinvented” in one way or another.

We hear about people that have made“apps”, developed “platforms” and made millions… simply by being in the right place at the right time.

Teenagers that have discovered “internet marketing” and are making more money than their parents do… all before even entering high school.

We hear about “bloggers” and “arbitrage” and “email marketing” and thousands of techniques that have made their users rich.

And what about the people that “invented” Uber and Airbnb… where a simple match between buyers and sellers produced companies within literally months that are now worth BILLIONS?

And we think “why can’t that be me?”

If it really is that easy, why are the odds of succeeding almost impossible?

“If the internet and computers are so wonderful… then WHY are so many companies failing?”

Nearly all of us are looking for ways to increase our business…and there is no shortage of offerings that literally “promise us the moon.”

We are inundated with promises of “guaranteed success”, systems and methods that will “give you more traffic and buyers than you can dream of”… advertisements, websites, tweets, Facebook ads, webinars… it never ends.

And we hear about “Shark Tank” and the latest companies and products that have made millions and billions of dollars almost overnight…. Uber, AirBnB… crowdfunding… advances in biotechnology that will literally extend lifespans by decades… virtual reality… it goes on and on.

And we hear about the “newer companies” that have taken advantage of the internet and its reach and speed… companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and dozens of others.

Yet we read about the “old line” companies that are falling by the wayside… Sears, J.C. Penney, Radio Shack, Macy’s… and hundreds more. If they haven’t been able to adapt with their millions, how can we expect to do it?

We know that the internet has changed the world. Governments have been toppled, battles are now fought with computers and drones… and news and events circle the globe in literally seconds.

And for commerce, there is nothing that allows businesses to reach more people faster!
On the surface, it appears that the internet and the digital world are the best thing that could ever happen to a business owner… right?

So… WHY are so many businesses struggling?

let me ask you a question …

“when you remember businesses from years past ( maybe your father or your grandfather’s era ) what do you think of?”

Typically, because most businesses from years past were pre-internet, it is likely that each of these businesses had a very local marketplace… one where buyers and sellers knew each other.

And here is the big difference between THEN and NOW… they knew and trusted each other.



Most marketplaces are huge in size, at least in potential… and buyers and sellers rarely know each other.

And it is difficult to buy from someone who we don’t know… and if we don’t know the seller, how can we trust him or her?


We all WANT to buy… but we are afraid to trust anyone we don’t know.

Still not sure if this is true?

Take a look around…

We find it almost impossible to trust anyone… not just people attempting to sell to us… politicians, bankers, the media, government, law enforcement…you name it and almost every single group has been singled out and chastised in one form or another. And nearly all of us will say that it is becoming harder to trust anyone.

And closer to home… the media… the very people that could help us…do we trust them?

Well over 90% of businesses will say that they always look to seek out methods, systems and ways to improve their businesses but virtually none of them perform as promised.

That, plus the fact that we see literally thousands upon thousands of advertisements every day and are constantly bombarded with alternatives and promises make us simply blind to their messages…

What are the alternatives?

Do we have real and legitimate choices?

Ones that will save us? Or will we fail like 80% of all businesses?

The internet and the digital age may have ushered in miracles but in many ways it has also introduced massive confusion and a lack of trust which has never before been equaled.

How does the small business deal with this confusion?

Is it possible?

I want to show you WHO the Reinvention Protocol was written and designed for… smaller companies that have found themselves stalled or stagnant and want to grow faster… OR… for the sole proprietor who is just starting… no matter what his or her business… and wants to do things “the right way”…ANYONE who is selling a product or a service.

• A young dentist employed by a small dental practice decides to break off on his own… his parents lend him the money to start his practice but, despite graduating in the top 10% of his class and have built a small but loyal following working for someone else…he simply doesn’t know how to build a practice. The marketing classes he took at the University aren’t applicable and the advice he’s gotten from consultants and other places hasn’t resulted in new business. He is scared that he will lose the money that his parents lent him and doesn’t know where to turn.

• A small, five man roofing company in a town of 250,000… he has always received rave reviews for his work… but he has always been on a shoestring budget and simply doesn’t know what to do to expand. And his competition, two other companies have been in the area for nearly a quarter century each. He is on life stupport and sees no opportunity for growth as he believes he has tried almost everything.

• A realtor that has been working for a small firm with a market area of slightly over 100,000. Competition has always been fierce but he knew that when he started. He has knocked on doors, made cold calls, sent out flyers… everything they suggested to him in training but he knows that he will be out of business in 3 months unless things turn around.

• A cabinet shop in a town of 10,000 with a target market population of around 75,000 has been affected by a slowdown in the local economy. He has always gotten by because he has been there for 30 years and has done well and has a good reputation. But this slowdown is severe as at least 4000 are directly out of work and the local economy is slumping badly. He is scared that he will lose everything he has built and has no clue how to counteract it.

• A high school grad has worked as a part time mechanic for years and all of his friends know how great he is and no one will go to any other mechanic… so he starts his own business. And for a while, business is good… but gradually people move away and he doesn’t know what to do to get new people in his door… DESPITE the fact that he is probably the best mechanic in five counties. Is it possible for him to get new clients or referrals from the old ones? … or is he “dead in the water?”

• OR simply someone who wants a change … and MORE out of life.

Over 80% of all small businesses will be out of business in less than 5 years.

I want to show you that ALL of these people have the capability of “reinventing” themselves.

No, not changing who they are… but rather… how their marketplace sees them. And turning them into the ONE person that has the answers and the solutions that everyone in his or her market seeks.

It’s not magic… it’s not just semantics…

I call it the Reinvention Protocol and I want to show you “how it works” and exactly what it can do for you.

Keep reading because it seems impossible now … or maybe like magic… but when I explain what happened to me and how it can all be applied to almost all stagnant or even dying businesses I know that it will make perfect sense to you.

I promise.

I want to tell you a story that truly is “stranger than fiction”

One that I don’t think I would believe if I had read it.
But it happened to me… all of it.
And I want to show you what happened to me and how you can do the same, “almost impossible” things that I did.

Then I want to explain EXACTLY why it doesn’t happen to more people and what you can do immediately to reinvent yourself. AND succeed.
And I will explain exactly what REINVENTION really means and how it can really transform your life…

is it magic?

Maybe…but like anything worthwhile…it needs a set of directions, a playbook from someone who has done exactly what you are going through… and the ability to simply following directions… one step at a time.
Get ready for the ride…because your directions are finally here.

This is what I did…

I retired at age 56, moved to a foreign country because I couldn’t afford to live in the U.S. … and we planned to “kick back, relax, and enjoy life.”
But I couldn’t even though we were living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

So I started another business… and within 18 months we hit the $3 million dollar mark, were dominating our marketplace, and had been featured in Newsweek magazine, and were regarded as authorities in our own market.

“Randy Berg should be a legend. For heaven’s sake, this is a guy that is a retired printer from Minnesota. He became the leading real estate company and developer in the country of Costa Rica and made himself a fortune. I saw it… and all I can say is that the things he did should be a curriculum for ALL small businesses. You want to learn from someone who has done it all and done it

Tom W. , Raleigh, NC

And I had no experience, no investment money, no “connections”, and honestly, I was totally and completely “winging it” from Day One.
Oh, I am also severely hearing impaired and wore two hearing aids.

It is a story about massive success …with the odds similar to winning the lottery… It is about snakes in the garden…drug dealers, armed guards, huge publicity, corruption, Interpol, and ultimately… a crash.

But you need to know… if you have your own company or are thinking of starting one… the exact steps I took to achieve what I did…and how to avoid the pitfalls and failures that inevitably will happen.

And I can guarantee that no matter what condition your company is in today… you can achieve the life and goals that you planned for… in the very beginning.

I want to tell you what the Reinvention Protocol can do for you.

So that you can do the same for yourself… AND avoid the pain that I had to go through.
I am 70 now… and what I learned on “my last great adventure” was truly a gift to me…
Even now though I didn’t recognize it at the time.
But now… in hindsight and after time…I understand how remarkable it all really was.


Here goes… stay with me…

The first time I encountered “reinvention” was in Costa Rica… where I lived for over a decade.

“It was on the outskirts of a small, coffee producing village. My car was making strange noises and I had stopped to get directions to a mechanic. I was shown to a local “gringo”… a non-native… named Johnny.

After telling him the problem, I listened to him ramble for about an hour… turns out he was “hiding” from the IRS back in the States and he had been for almost 7 years.

His story was pretty simple… he was a mechanic back in the States, New Jersey to be exact… and had his own shop. He got behind with his payroll taxes and things went from bad to worse. He saw no way out… except to disappear. So he went to Costa Rica and simply disappeared… he dropped off the radar and simply kept a low profile.

He said “it wasn’t difficult to open my own shop using someone else’s name and an anonymous corporation. I manage to earn enough with my own shop here to buy what I need to live on and even enjoy life here a bit. I got remarried, have a family here and have the respect of the locals.”

I said “aren’t you worried about them finding you?”

He said “they don’t know where I am… I have been gone for 7 years and no one back home has a clue that I’m even alive.”

I found out later that there are literally thousands of people in Costa Rica that are “hiding”… from something or someone.

They have REINVENTED themselves”.

My name is Randy Berg… and shortly after 9-11 my wife and I realized that life was too precious not to enjoy and we decided to take early retirement.A year after that decision, we had sold everything we owned… our home, business (a small printing company), furniture… EVERYTHING… and we each packed two suitcases and moved to Costa Rica.Oh, we did bring our two dogs too, Tubby and Beano.
This was going to be our last “great adventure”.

I have to tell you that we did not move down with a pension or much in the way of savings that we had accumulated over the past decades. I was mid 50s and my wife was ten years younger. We were taking a big gamble… at least for us.

We absolutely loved it. The country, the people, the wildlife… everything about it was what we hoped it would be.We purchased land… two acres in
the country, overlooking a small town and planted in coffee … and with a nearby river. And we built our first house.And even though we knew no one in the country,
knew not one word of Spanish, or anything about construction … we encountered virtually no obstacles that we couldn’t overcome.We travelled around the country …
saw beaches, islands, and volcanoes… we were never bored.

Keep in mind that this was all part of my “reinvention”
because I really had no idea what I was doing.

But I was starting to become “antsy.”

Maybe it was my Type A personality but I always liked challenges and, even though “paradise” was great… I was restless.

So I decided to start a real estate company… even though I knew absolutely nothing about real estate in Costa Rica.

But I did it anyway.

Built a website… because all of the other realtors had them.

Figured out how to send emails and write a little in forums and chatrooms about Costa Rica.

And slowly started talking to more and more people online about their “retirement” or investment in a foreign country.

You’ve heard the phrase “fake it ’till you make it”?

That phrase was written for me.

I had no clue, and probably not much sense either. But it WAS a challenge. I just didn’t know how much of a challenge at the time… or how big a mountain this really was.

I started writing a little newsletter about our adventures and sending it out to the few readers I had accumulated. It wasn’t much… just visits to neighboring towns and maybe writing about the wildlife and the different small restaurants in town… but it was new to the readers I had.

And remember, to them… I was an “expert”… I was there, on the ground, “living the dream”.

Who would know how little I “really” knew? This was the internet after all…

But I still knew more than 99.9% of my readers.

I hired someone to find properties… and before long people were visiting and I was showing them properties. I was definitely “learning on the job.”
But no one knew that either.

And I was slowly becoming “known” because I was doing a few things right. (remember, I didn’t know they were “right” at the time, though) and I could tell that, little by little, things were happening.

I want to “fast forward” a little at this point because a lot happened during my 11 years in Costa Rica and I just want to hit the highlights… because they’re important to my message here.

After a few sales and adding a few more people to my list of potential buyers and revamping our website (again and again… the designer only spoke Spanish… no English) I got a call one day in response to an email I had sent out.

It was Newsweek.

They were interested in talking to someone “who had retired and knew about baby boomers living in a foreign country”.

Within a month my wife and I were featured.

Then Investors’ Business Daily followed and others.

And business skyrocketed.

A lot of little things were being done too, which I can describe later which contributed to our growth as well… things like “branding”, regular newsletters, writing Ebooks and articles, and doing an occasional advertisement in small , local expat online papers. Social media was still virtually unknown. And in the beginning we were on dialup, believe it or not. Internet was definitely not widespread in Costa Rica just after the new millennium. It was still like being back in the 50s, which contributed to the country’s charm… even though for me, it was frustrating at times.

We became, arguably, the top real estate company in the country selling to North American “baby boomers”. For the last few years we were there, we were averaging over $3 million per year and our average sale was probably no more than $40,000.

A short story which illustrates the amount of trust we inspired:
If we had a particularly good value in a property we would send out what I called a “digital postcard” with the details of the offer on it. We made certain that our subscriber base knew what these postcards meant and that they were not just a thinly disguised way of selling a property which was nothing special.

I would normally have the property sold within fifteen minutes after sending… and the buyer… at least half of the time would send the funds for his purchase via wire transfer without even seeing or inspecting his purchase!

So… exactly how did I do it?

And can it really be passed out and taught to someone else?
In a word… the answer is YES.

It took a disaster and a catastrophe for me to actually dissect everything that happened to me in Costa Rica and to itemize the “why’s” of our accomplishments…

But now… the “Reinvention Protocol” itemizes exactly what must be done to achieve this extraordinary degree of success.

If you have ever heard the story of the monkey that had access to a typewriter… and the odds of him typing a story that rivalled one of Shakespeare’s plays… well, those were about the odds of my being successful in Costa Rica.

Is this “Reinvention Protocol” difficult?

Can anyone do it?

Yes, and it is the only path and protocol that combines the successes of the past and the best accomplishments of today’s business world … i.e., the trust of the past and the accessibility and speed of the internet and the digital age.

This is what everyone wants to achieve. If you possess this quality and ability to inspire your prospects and potential clients… there is nothing that you cannot accomplish.




What exactly does the Reinvention Protocol do?

How can it help you?

First off, let me say that almost no one goes through exactly what I did…and I am embarrassed to say that I really didn’t recognize what I was doing in the first years of my “new venture” in Costa Rica…

I was simply putting one foot in front of the other… and doing what “felt” right.

Now, I am not going to tell you some mystical story about how I was guided by an unseen hand or that I had visions. I didn’t.

Nor did I have a book of instructions or a mentor that told me what to do.

I honestly was simply doing what made sense to me at the time.

And I really didn’t realize until years later the exact steps and protocols that I was using until I wrote them all down. And then the feedback started coming in too. And it overwhelmed me. ( you can see testimonials at a link below )

I want to give you a “playbook”, a set of instructions, a manual… and I want you to understand the “whys” of “why Reinvention Protocol works”.

And it is so simple and so easy to follow that you will not only be nodding your head at the explanation but you will also be wondering “why more people are not using it?”

Remember when I talked about mistrust and the simple fact that trust is so hard to come buy… and so rare?

I want to show you how to ensure that your clients trust you…

And when they trust you… we will then demonstrate how to make them clients for life.

I will also show how we can reduce information overload and confusion for our potential buyers so that they realize that you are the only real and clear cut choice. Once you have seen it done it will become clear why it works so well.

And lastly, we will show you how to automate a large percentage of the communication that is so essential to show your clients ON A CONTINUING BASIS that you are the logical and best choice for them. And you will set it up so that it is customized for you and results in more continuing sales and conversions for you.


Here is what the Reinvention Protocol can do for you…

1.Give you the EXACT words and writing to establish trust and win over potential clients/buyers on the first meeting… whether by email or in person. Even “tirekickers”… and be certain that you will have more opportunities to convert them. This helps you get rid of the dreaded phrase “one and done.”

2. I will show you how to ensure that the client comes to regard you as an “authority” in your market…the one person that he or she can trust…above all others. This, coupled with the trust that you have established in the beginning, will boost your conversions to the ceiling.

3. You will see how to set up a “funnel” or path that you want your potential buyers to follow… one that takes them from the initial introduction to the final sale. It will run on autopilot and will take your conversions and revenues to the highest possible level.

4. You will see exact advertisements, writings, newsletters, Ebooks and all of the items that I used to dominate my market in Costa Rica. And when you see them, and you know the background… you will understand the path that you need to follow too.

5. You will see how I differentiated myself from my competition…in a completely foreign and unknown market. You will see how easy it is for you to do the same thing… you will “stand out” in your own marketplace so no one will miss your message.

6.You will be shown several easy lead generation techniques that very few people talk about… because they run almost totally on autopilot AND they are not expensive like many leads and traffic generation systems today are. And you will be shocked at how effective and user friendly they are.

7. You will see a technique unused by over 80% of businesses today… it can give you almost immediate revenue and those who do NOT use it are almost sure to fail. This is something you cannot live without. And it is so easy to implement that you will kick yourself when you find out what it is. It cannot only give you immediate cash but it can boost your present revenues by as much as 25%, with virtually no extra effort.

8. You will have access to my library of Ebooks so that you can better relate to how you need to format your own for your specific marketplace. You will also see samples of my newsletters which will illustrate what I did to achieve the relationships like I want you to have… with your list. This is unavailable nowhere else and I have never found anyone else that has built the type of relationships that we built and nurtured.You will see exactly how we did it.

9. I want you to have access to my own internet marketing course… I call it the KISS System ( Keep It Simple, Stupid ). In today’s business world and marketplace none of us can afford to be without AT LEAST a basic knowledge of the internet, the online world, how it operates AND how it affects you. You do not have to do it all yourself but the background and education will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your own business. Over 100 bite size videos on all different online topics.

10. I will show you how to tell forge relationships with your list (your customers) and your potential and present clients so that they will damn near follow you to the ends of the earth. I had many of my readers and list actually send me money for real estate completely sight unseen! I cannot tell you what a rush this will give you… once you have established this type of relationship with your list you will never have to worry about money again. No one teaches this like you will see it here.

11.….and much more.

“How do I get your book and what does it cost?”

It is totally without charge.

The book comes totally without any strings attached. No fine print and no credit card number is required.

I am fully aware that you do not know me or trust me yet… this is why I am giving you my book for review… and yes, I know I have to prove myself too. The book is partially my proof of who and what I am about.

If you want additional help, I am always available to answer questions. But rest assured that I will not call you and pressure you in any way. That is not who I am.

Click here and you will be taken to a form which asks where you wish the book to be sent electronically … it will be available in either PDF format or a direct link which you simply need to type in your browser.

I promise you that it will be possibly the best thing you could do for yourself, your family and your company. I know… because it all happened to me.

I also know that many of you will say that Reinvention is “too simple” to accomplish what I say it does. And I also know that each company is different and each of us has their own strengths and weaknesses.

But I can promise you one thing… if you implement even ONE of the things I did…
it will help your business more than you can even imagine.

Your complimentary copy of The Reinvention Protocol is waiting for you… the updated 2016 edition.

There is no charge… and remember, this book is not just a simple introduction. It contains nearly ALL of the instructions and protocols that I used to build a $30 million business in a completely different marketplace. The instructions and details are actionable today .

To download your copy immediately… just click here and it’s yours.

There is no charge and no obligation whatsoever…

24 hours a day delivery, anytime of day or night.

“I sincerely wish all of you the very best… I hope that all of you take the time to read and study The Reinvention Protocol as I know it can change your life as much as it has changed mine.
My contact numbers are below and I am always available to answer questions.
I wish you all a successful reinvention.”

skype: randyberg2
Cell: 612 562 3341