I worked for Randy for 8 years as his main webmaster and graphics person. I SAW with my own eyes not only the
clients that
visited him but how they responded to him. I saw how he structured his writings, his emails and correspondence
with clients. I have never seen anyone else do what he did. He generated unbelievable relationships with his readers and they would do almost anything he recommended or said. It was almost like he hypnotized them. But they absolutely loved him and Rhonda, his wife. His Reinvention Protocol is a summary of exactly what he did. I know because I saw it.

Cessar Murillo
Costa Rica

Listen to everything Randy says. He is a freaking genius. When I moved to Costa Rica he was the first person
I talked to about real estate and did so damn near every day. He taught me not only what to do to get results,
but more importantly, what NOT to do. I worked in an extremely competitive business before I moved to Costa
Rica and that was nothing compared to this. But I am on top in my area and I owe it to Randy and following
his suggestions. I have never seen a “course” or teachings like this anywhere else. DO WHAT HE SAYS,
WITHOUT FAIL and you will suceed.

Geoffrey F.
Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

Randy, I have first-hand experience with the lessons you’re teaching in this material, and I can tell you, it works! My business has been reinvented using the principles you explain and the best part is tat anyone can do this!

Jim Daniels
BizWeb eGazette

You DO NOT BELONG in this industry…

Because I see too many “Me Too” email marketers out there who have literally ZERO experience and their “email expertise” is derived from the
teachings of others. .That’s unlike you… Someone who has DECADES of experience email marketing, newsletter dissemination, and building insane
relationships that have lasted a lifetime.

The most fascinating, hard hitting, and impactful marketing lessons are those that are learned from sending correspondence over the span of many years…And actually giving a damn, and sharing your own essence with your subscribers, followers, friends, and fans.

(You’ve often harassed me for not opening up and sharing more of ME with my subscribers, and I’m always happy that you’re on my ass… You’ve helped me become a much better email marketer, and I’m still implementing many of the attributes that you’ve passed onto me).

And that my friend… Is something that 90% of our industry just cannot offer.

For that reason, I urgently encourage ANYONE who wants to take their email marketing or Internet marketing game to the next level to dive in faster than an Olympic Diving Team.

So they can finally learn the secrets of marketing that 99.99% of humans on the planet just cannot share, because they haven’t experienced them.

Stay cool man… You nailed this one, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to review your content, and I’m truly privileged to have you critique much of my own work.


Mike “Seinfeld Moments” DeVincent