How many of you are good at what you do?

No, I don’t mean “just average” or “so so”… I mean GOOD, GREAT or even FANTASTIC.

My guess is “quite a few”.

But the age old complaint is:

“How do I let people know about me and what I can do for them?”

The average person thinks “I just need to figure out a way to get more TRAFFIC to my website”… OR… “I just need to figure out how to advertise more and tell people about what I have.”

And that leads us to people trying to sell “shiny objects” or “glib answers, methods, and systems to frustrated business owners and entrepreneurs that are desperately seeking answers to these problems.


How do I stand out?

How do I get people to notice me?

How do I tell them and show them that I am far better than anyone else?

I need to tell you what I did.

Because it worked like crazy for me.

I was living in Costa Rica and had just retired. And I decided to start another business… so I started a real estate company…mainly because there were no licensing requirements and very few rules and regulations.

And all of my competition was the same…they catered primarily to baby boomers… their websites were alike… and they were indistinguishable from each other.

And all of them would say the same things and tout Costa Rica as the greatest thing since “sliced bread.”

But I remembered when I visited and eventually purchased land in the country that I wanted to know EVERYTHING about the country and living there.   But I couldn’t find anything negative … and no one would even say anything remotely bad.   And of course, there are negatives about everything.   The worst thing I heard was “well, sometimes you can’t buy the same foods as you can back home.”

Wow, thanks a lot.

I decided to tell my list, my readers and my market the “good, the bad, and the ugly” about Costa Rica.

I got slammed.   By all of the other realtors naturally… who told me that I was going to drive away buyers AND that I was going to “hurt their business.”

But the market… and my potential buyers loved it.

And here is the first thing I did to make the market sit up and take notice:

I took out an ad… a banner ad… that went on the first page of the most popular online “gringo” and expat paper in the country.

It was entitled… “Is This Man the WORST Realtor in the Entire Country?”

It had my picture on the ad with a circle and a large X in red. And it linked to an explanation which explained my “brand” of “the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

The editor later told me that it was their most popular ad EVER.

And did it work.
It definitely made me stand out… and the tagline of “good, bad and ugly” branded me and helped me nearly dominate my marketplace.

Does this make sense to you?

 Can you do the same thing?… for your business?

Yeah you can… and if you can’t see how… then watch for my next post here.

I’ll have some more samples and suggestions about how you can differentiate yourself, make yourself stand out, “reinvent” yourself… and start dominating your own market, no matter how different it is.

If you have problems being noticed…

This is the first step to your solution.

Thanks for reading.